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Project Manager

Beijing China

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Location Beijing, BeijingCN Job ID REQ-052015

Manage and lead project for BeiGene/J&J/Roche/Lonza/BI and make customer satisfaction.


• 为了更好的满足各行业实验室日益增长的仪器售后服务需求,尤其是整体搬迁、维护保养与合规验证等专业服务需求

• 候选人将根据客户的具体服务需要提供定制化的服务方案并实现业务的持续增长


• 以项目整合协调的角度,负责所在区域内OneSource实验室整体服务(实验室资产管理,实验室整体搬迁,法规符合服务)的协调和支持

• 了解、掌握所负责项目的运行状况,能够制定并执行具体项目计划,管理团队并达成项目目标

• 按照标准服务流程完成项目中各节点任务目标,定期管理项目进度;处理并协调项目现场中产生的问题,及时相应客户反馈

• 3年以上化学/制药/生物等实验室相关行业工作背景,具有项目管理经验

• 具有良好的沟通能力

• 主动、创新、勇于接受挑战;责任心、学习能力和抗压性强

• 熟练操作办公软件,包括Excel、Word、PPT等

• 能适应一定频度的出差

Position purpose:

• In order to meet the growing demand for instrument after-sales service in laboratories across various industries, especially professional service demands such as overall relocation, maintenance and compliance verification

• The candidate will provide customized service solutions based on clients’ specific service needs and achieve continued business growth

Job Responsibilities:

• From the perspective of project integration and coordination, be responsible for the coordination and support of OneSource laboratory's overall services (laboratory asset management, overall laboratory relocation, regulatory compliance services) in the region

• Understand and grasp the operating status of the project you are responsible for, be able to formulate and implement specific project plans, manage the team and achieve project goals

• Complete the task objectives of each node in the project in accordance with the standard service process, regularly manage the project progress; handle and coordinate problems arising on the project site, and respond to customer feedback in a timely manner

• • More than 3 years of working background in chemical/pharmaceutical/biological and other laboratory-related industries, with project management experience

• Have good communication skills

• Initiative, innovative, and courageous to accept challenges; strong sense of responsibility, learning ability and pressure resistance

• Proficient in operating office software, including Excel, Word, PPT, etc.

• Able to adapt to a certain frequency of business trips

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PerkinElmer is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability status, age, or veteran status or any other characteristics protected by applicable law. PerkinElmer is committed to a culturally diverse workforce.

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